Car Enthusiast – UX Research


The purpose of this project is to redesign/create ways to meet, interact, buy, sell, and trade items for car enthusiasts. Keeping in mind that they use different platforms to perform these tasks. We need to figure out if car enthusiasts would prefer to have one platform that can perform all their car needs/interests.



The Problem

The car community is lacking a unified platform. It’s inefficient for the community to continue operating the way it’s currently operating. At its current operation, there is no regulation or credibility in the accounts, sellers, or buyers in the community. The car community is large and can flourish even more positively if a platform like this existed.

Primary Research

A screener was sent out to 15 participants and based on the answers received, 5 participants were chosen that best fit the criteria of being part of the car community. The chosen participants were asked if they were willing to participate in a small survey to help gather some user data.
Some Interview Highlights

Thematic Analysis

All the information I got from the interviews required some processing to make sense of it and truly understand the positives and negatives in the community. Without analyzing this data, it would be too difficult to determine how to create a platform that will successfully benefit the community.

Affinity Mapping

Taking all the notes collected from the user interviews, I put them all up on a board and began categorizing the data. This process gave me valuable insights in each silo of the car community.

Empathy Mapping

To better put myself in the user’s shoes, I utilized empathy maps. Based on the responses I received from the interviews, the users had a lot of the same insights but some seemed more involved and passionate in the car community. Knowing that, I categorized the users into 2 different groups, heavy interest and light interest. After that, I proceeded to create an empathy map for each user group.

Major Insights Learned

Safety In The Community

Love For The Community

Valuable Content

Passion For Cars

How Might We Statements

Since I have the insights from interviewing, I understand the users needs, wants, and pain points. I created three “How-Might-We” questions to clearly know what the problem and better approach designing a solution.

Possible Solution

A design solution that can solve and improve this issue with the car community is to create a mobile application.

First Idea

A mobile marketplace application that will provide users with safety through incorporating a variety of verification processes and statistics.

  • Buyers and sellers will need to do complete verification process
  • Buyers will see seller ratings, response rate, and performance scores
    • Seller ratings will be ratings from other users experiences
    • Response rate will be the average time it takes the seller to respond
    • Performance scores will display a score based on a created point system
      • Higher scored sellers will be prioritized in showing on marketplace to encourage good behavior
  • Offer button with option to auto decline offers that are too low
  • The ability to show some kind verification that the item still functions
  • Offer options for local safe meet up locations
  • Provide insights on red flags to lookout for 
  • Provide an option to pay in the app and release payments upon confirmation of functional item
  • Sellers will be allowed to rate buyers and see the same statistics
  • Show previous friends that interacted with this seller before

Second Idea

A mobile event organizing application that will provide users with safety through providing information that will help build confidence for users

  • Hosts need to get verified. All hosts need to get verified to organize car meets
  • Provide users with other user ratings to show credibility for the host
  • After events, ask attendees to provide feedback on their experience 
  • Show previous events the host has organized with ratings for each event
  • If any incidents occurred during previous events, provide that information to users
  • Show photos and videos from previous host events.
  • Users can’t see exact location of events until they register of confirm
  • Show users which other friends have been to previous events or going to upcoming events
  • Show if permission to host at located is approved or not
  • Show if police are aware of the meet 
  • Allow endorsement by law enforcement

Third Idea

A mobile application combining the first and second ideas into one platform. 

The need for safety and need to build confidence branches into two main categories for the platform, performing transactions and car meets. This with the addition of a social network.

  • Allow users to share content
  • Show users cars, car modifications, hp ratings, torque ratings, 0-60 times, and ¼ mile times. 
  • Create virtual garage showing all current builds and past builds
  • Provide a community where users can safely ask questions and receive answers

Project Is Still In Progress
Please Continue to Check Back For Updates